At Gulf Pole Concerns Limited, we also have the required expertise to provide a complete spectrum of field services in Inspection & Maintenance of Pipeline & Storage Facilities, Pipeline Pigging & Inspection, Surveying, Mapping, Right-of-Way Acquisition, GIS, Environmental Permitting, Inspection/Construction Management and Pipeline Integrity Management.

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In addition, we have the capability to provide unique or highly specialized inspection services to meet our client’s specific needs. Our inspection department offers inspection professionals with extensive experience and expertise.

Gulf Pole Concerns Limited helps keep self-storage facilities looking and operating in tip-top shape, which improves customer retention and attraction. We provide high-quality results and attention to detail for individual site owners and chain facilities alike.

    Dirty storage unit doors, cob-web covered overhangs or walkways and parking areas cluttered with leaves and litter can make a facility look rundown and tired to existing and potential customers. Our services keep your facility looking clean and attractive.

    Vacuum trucks, powerful pressure washing for concrete, awnings and building exteriors with available environmentally sensitive services using filtered, reclaimed water and biodegradable cleaning solutions.

    • Inspection & Maintenance of Pipeline & Storage Facilities
    • Pipeline Pigging & Inspection
    • Surveying, Mapping
    • Right-of-Way Acquisition
    • GIS
    • Environmental Permit
    • Inspection/Construction Management and Pipeline Integrity Management


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    Ikoyi,  Lagos State, Nigeria. 

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    E-mail: info@gulfpoleconcerns.com


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