Our staff are most important asset. We have enjoyed the benefit of committed and dedicated staff, which is solely responsible for the height we have attained in a short time. We have experienced Project Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Marine and Vessel Servicing Personnel, Administrative Staff who know – how to lead our crews in all kinds of working condition. In many ways, our approach is not just what we do at Gulf Pole Concerns Limited that sets us apart, it is how we do it. We see the three C’s ~ Character, Capacity and Commitment ~ as the guiding principles by which our company operates.

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Maximizing Local Content: Gulf Pole Concerns Limited is also committed to the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Act. We merely see it as our responsibility to harness the talent and resources available to us in Nigeria. We think it’s critical to our ability to meet our customers’ needs and build our business.


6B Ikoya Avenue off Queens Drive
Ikoyi,  Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Tel: +2348033414445



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