Gulf Pole Concerns Limited offers Marine Logistics solutions built by professional teams to ensure the timely and efficient management of all vessels. From container to cruise liners and everything in between, we will completely monitor your shipping with tailor-made solutions.

  • ADAPT Warehousing management adapted to your location and needs
  • Consolidation capabilities for delivery directly to Vessels
  • A worldwide network provides and delivers mechanical spare parts and all types of supply.

he expert advice of our experienced marine transportation teams allows you to focus on the key elements of your core business, while we investigate your marine operations. This supports your decision making about crucial plant and terminal operations (PTO) that can help improve your business strategy for imports and exports.

Cargo quantity and quality, PTO, and the loading and discharge of cargo are all brought under our scrutiny. In addition to supporting your regulatory compliance through our assessments, reports and certificates, we are also able to manage your cargo information and documentation. This means you can trust us to ensure that your marine operations are run to best practice standards and that your cargo is handled with due care:

  • Cargo and vessel services
  • PTO
  • Crane inspections and inspections of hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Advance cargo information
  • Import control services
  • International customs data exchange



Gulf Pole Concerns Limited provides all facets of dredging & marine logistics services of global standard. We employs a multinational management team and a team of highly motivated and  Nigerians to provide dredging, flood and erosion control, shoreline protection and consolidation, Governments; Government Agencies, Energy, Construction, and Oil & Gas industries. We are a leading indigenous dredging and oil service company. We have experience in dredging services including mechanical, hydraulic and bucket

dredging. The Company currently creates and maintains hundreds of miles of waterways and dredges millions of cubic yards of materials annually. To stay abreast of competition and provide better services, Gulf Pole Concerns Limited acquired marine and land equipment used in supplying and hauling the dredging materials. As part of our expansion strategy, we diversified into the dredging business and  urrently a leading indigenous dredging company serving the major oil, oil service and construction



Stevedoring forms an integral part of the entire process which requires a good understanding of the workings of equipments, handling of materials, strong manpower etc. With all break-bulk cargo, the loading and un-loading is a crucial and time-bound service. We have a dedicated team that maintains

labour relations and handles all the stevedoring requirements efficiently. Our in-house expertise enables us to undertake stevedoring of all types of bulk cargoes for export or import, be it in loose bulk, or bagged; we offer tailormade, competitive stevedoring solutions on turnkey basis.


6B Ikoya Avenue off Queens Drive
Ikoyi,  Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Tel: +2348033414445



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